Many questions have reached us meanwhile – by and by we publish some of general interest here:

Will my conference presentation be published in the Anthology – will I present my article in the Anthology at one of the conferences?

You can either contribute one ore more articles to our Anthology “Ideologies in National Socialism” or present on one of our conferences – or both. Current planning sees 25% of the articles in the Anthology as presentations in the conferences. Vice-versa: 100% of the presented issues will be transformed to an article into the Anthology.

Will “Ideologies in National Socialism” be a German project?

The Anthology will be published in English language. English speaking countries are the main target market.

However, National Socialism is a German crime, and German University provide wide research on this topic. But we aim to give an international perspective on Ideologies in National Socialism. Articles like “War Experience, Nationalism and National Socialism Ideology in Wartime China, 1931-1945” or “Corporatist Connections: The Transnational Rise of the Fascist Model in Interwar Europe” or “The Nazi Ethnographic Research of Georg Leibbrandt and Karl Stumpp in Ukraine, and Its North American Legacy” will as well be in the book, like more expectable articles like on Reichsaerztekammer or Language of Violence or SS-Ahnenerbe.

Therefore we presume a maximum of 25% German Scholars. Already now, many international Scholars are part of our great project. A selection of them is linked here.

Worldwide distribution will be guaranteed by Walter De Gruyter Berlin and Boston, MA.

Will the Anthology “Ideology in National Socialism” be based on or be a continuation of “Handbuch der Voelkishen Wissenschaften”?

We’re not connected to “Handbuch der Volkishen Wissenschaften” or any other yet published Anthology. Neither our project is a continuation of such project. There are few intersections between their focus from the early 1800s on and our focus 1933-1945.

As volkish ideology influences Ideologies in National Socialism few intersections have to be and will be underlined.

As „Handbuch der Volkishen Wissenschaften“ is an excellent piece of scholarship, we’re delighted and honored that it’s senior editor was one of the first scholars to generously pledge to De Gruyter Publishers a contribution to our Anthology Ideologies in National Socialism.